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On this page you will find information about the various books, (scientific) articles and scientists, which provided me with the knowledge to further develop the 'Multitasking is a myth' concept.

Ontketen je brein, Theo Copernolle ISBN 9789401417457

Een opgeruimde geest, David Levetin ISBN 9789047008576

Puberbrein, Huib Nelis ISBN 9789021556963

Multitasken bestaat niet,  Dave Crenshaw ISBN 9789022959435

Mindset, Jackie Reardon & Hans Dekkers ISBN 9789081492850

Four seconds, Peter Bregman ISBN 9780062372420

18 minuten Peter Bregman ISBN 9789460232343

Singletasken, Devora Zack ISBN 9789462960152

Leg dat ding nou eens weg, Marnix Pauwels ISBN 9789492495051

Speechboekje, Huib Hudig ISBN 9789057595196

Headspace. Andy Puddicombe ISBN 9789000306183

Mindful switchtasken, David M. Levi (artikel)

Multitask training, Vanderbilt University (artikel)

Generatie Y onthyped, Marieke Verhoeven (artikel)

Multitasken en studie resultaten, Larry  Rosen (artikel)

Constant Taskswitching, Leo Babauta (artikel)

Does rejection hurt ? Naomi I. Eisenberger (artikel)

How Laptop Internet Use Relates to Classroom Learning. Susan M. Ravizza (artikel)

Minder samenwerken zorgt voor meer productiviteit Career & life (artikel)

The problem state, A cognitive bottleneck in multitasking. ​Jelmer p. Borst (artikel)

Wickens Multiple resources and performance prediction. Wickens (artikel)

Brain Stimulation Makes the 'Impossible Problem' Solvable Barry Kaufman (artikel)

Several articles in 'de Volkskrant', 'NRC' and 'het Parool' (see articles).

Knowledge acquired from talks on location with:

Bertjan Doosje (UvA)

Sander Los (VU)

Chris Janssen (UU)

And all workshop participants who shared their knowledge with me.

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