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´Multitasken is een mythe´ onderwijs


The variant 'Multitasking is a myth' for Pre-University and University students actually came about by accident.

Some years ago Wouter tried to explain his 16 year old daughter the consequences of watching TV and sending apps during homework. She picked it up quickly and a few weeks later she had changed her approach drastically.


When the rector asked Wouter to give the workshop to the entire school, the daughter responded with: 'But then I lose my competitive advatage’.


The workshop proved to be a great success for all students. From that moment, Wouter visits schools and Universities several times a year.

It turns out that a large part of the students aged 16 and older do not realize that the school work seems a lot harder if you do several things besides.

education ´Multitasking is a myth´

Several studies (see page articles) have shown that your IQ scores 15 points lower and your final grade for examinations will be lower if you have your phone lying next to you during  homework. Even if the phone is on 'silent' it has consequences for your learning achievements.

Of course, the students are reminded by parents and teachers that they 'have to put the phone away' and that they have to 'focus on the homework'.

It is known that most students ignore these recommendations.


During 'Multitasking is a myth', the theory is presented in a playful way and the students experience what happens in the brain when they pay attention to several things at the same time.

For the rest of the year, teachers can refer to the workshop or lecture.

At the end of the session, the students will receive a PDF copy  of the booklet 'Multitasking is a myth'.

Florence Stanis

School coach

2Flow Education Office

I sugest more training for young people like 'Multitasking is a myth'. Why? Because students  learn in this workshop on an interactive way about themselves and each other. The presentation and exercises ensure that students become aware of what multitasking does to them: it is inefficient and it produces stress

Basia Elting


After the workshop 'Multitasking is a myth' I started thinking more about how I can do my homework as efficiently as possible. When I have my phone next to me on the table, I always get the tendency to look at it and because of this I can not focus on my homework and make more mistakes.

Femke Boon


 'Multitasking is a myth' is something I had heard many times. I knew you could work more efficiently if you only did one thing at a time, but I had never noticed it as concretely as during the workshop we attended at school. It was very interactive and I really enjoyed it.  Many students were still talking about the workshop the rest of the day, not because there was an assignment or because we had to do something with it, but because we were enthusiastic. I heard good intentions around me about adjusting learning strategies. It was a fun and educational experience that my class really enjoyed.

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