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During this training the group learns the difference between  multitasking, switchtasking and monotasking and  how it effects them.

Through the various exercises during this lecture or workshop, the participants will notice that switchtasking is not efficient at all.

‘Mindful switchtasking’

Scientific research has shown that you can reduce the costs at the switch-moments if you try to switch more ‘mindful’. During the active part, the participants learn to combine two newly learned tasks. It turns out they can do this much more efficient. Practice makes perfect!

In between there are enough moments to share experiences. It is nice to see what comes out of the group. Different work situations are discussed.

Feedback after workshops and lectures shows that groups have really started using the tips and tricks. Every organization is dealing with this issue: how can employees really focus at work while they are distracted all the time (e-mail, text messages, Facebook, colleagues asking things).

If you really want to finish your work, monotasking is the most efficient. Mutual understanding is important: please do not distract me now!

Everyone is given a booklet (64 p), a special functional sticker and a table card: "Not now please, one thing at a time... Soon I will have plenty of time for you".

It is a joy to see what this releases in a group. Everyone wants to use what they have learned immediately.

The workshop is  filmed (if desired): everyone receives a professionally edited video as a reminder the next day.

The benefits for the  participants are:

  • A more structured way of working, at work and in private life.

  • Better choice in the way to approach tasks.

  • A more balanced mindset.

  • Mutual understanding between employees.

This new approach will lead to:

  • Higher efficiency.

  • More productivity.

  • Maximum customer orientation.

  • Less stress and burn-out.

  • More creativity and innovation.​

  • In every organization this can lead to cost reduction.

Issues being discussed:

  • Mindfulness

  • Mindful switchtasking

  • Serial monotasking

  • Focus/ awareness

  • Work life balance

  • Peak performance

  • Work memory

  • Reflex brain

  • Contemplating brain

  • Archival brain

  • Hyperconnectivity

  • Time management


Up to 90 persons

45 to 120 minutes.

After a PowerPoint introduction and demonstration, the participants will practice with real breakable spinning-plates. In between, there is plenty of opportunity to share experiences and ask questions.


Large rooms

 20 to 60 minutes.

The crowd will be presented with various exercises during this fascinating interactive lecture, but they do remain seated. The lecture ends with an act of 10 rotating plates.

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