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Lezing ´Multitasken is een mythe´


The interactive lecture 'Multitasking is a myth' is perfect for large groups in a theater setting. During the lecture, people will remain seated, but they will not be bored for one second.

By using various exercises and videos, people will experience the downsides of multitasking (switchtasking). They will be presented with tips and tools about how to reduce 'switch costs’. Afterwards, everyone will get a booklet to take home so they can look it over in their own time. This presentation carries a lot of weight in the group. There is plenty of opportunity to ask questions or to exchange experiences.

Keynote ‘multitasking is a myth’:

This presentation loosens a lot with the group.

There is enough space for questions or to exchange experiences.

What is the result of this lecture?

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If the group is not larger than 90 persons and there is enough time and space to be actively involved,

then please, check out the option active workshop.

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